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Consternation II was a convention dedicated to roleplaying, board, card, and related games, taking place at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, on August 19th-21st 2011. It was the latest in the long-running series of British Roleplaying Society conventions, including among others Conjunction (1990), Convocation (1997), Baroquon (1999), Consternation (2005), Recombination (2007), and Constitution (2009). The next will be Congenial, on 10th-12th August 2012, which will also be a Unicon - one of a series of university-based science fiction conventions.

Additional Voluntary Donations

Following a review of our finances - triggered by a mistake in the room booking arrangements which we didn't catch in time - we are faced with a bit of a hole in our finances. We're still working to sort this out, but anyone who wants to support us is more than welcome to make a donation through Paypal; just click this button.

The constitution of the BRS is available online.

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