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Everyone who registered and paid to attend Consternation II was invited to enter our competition, defined quite simply:

"Take a look at the two illustrations on the Constitution II banner above and write a character sketch for one or other of them, in no more than 300 words, based on any RPG setting of your choice. Full detailed character sheets are not required - the committee are familiar with a lot of different systems between them but cannot be expected to appreciate the nuances of every system out there, so keep it descriptive."

The winning entry was submitted by Paul Matheron:

Teleana, honoured of the night, is the last of her hereditary line, last of the Owl Priestesses to watch the star light dance across the darkened skies. Awarded, as with all of her kind before her, the gifts of Irilis, the world's natural mana streams flow strongly through her veins, allowing her to shape its essence in many ways.

Of a lofty demeanour, which is usual of her kind, the Moon Worshipper dressed in simply fashioned clothes of neutral colours. The only possession of any worth being that of her ornate and bladed wand, a symbol, however unrecognised in the present age, of her rank and status.

Driven by an unbreakable desire to understand the world around her, even one which had long forgotten the wisdom of her race, the holy woman strives to uphold the values of her people. Resisting easy virtues, needless waste and wanton destruction, her enlightened mind dances with energy rarely seen, forged from passions so strong as to shape her every move.

At her side, as always, Haradin Sparks is found. Her familiar and companion of many years, the flightless lizard who claims descent from the Dragonkin, has proved his loyalty and worth countless times and is a valued friend. Together they travel the winding path of life, following its unchartered trail to where ever destiny may lead. Each others fate intertwined in ways even they do not fully understand, as they rise in unison against tyranny and attempt to preserve the natural order laid down since time began.

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