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Games Writers at the Convention

One thing about games conventions is that you can often find some of the people who create these games in attendance - and Consternation II was no exception. The following were some of the creative folk present:

Roger Burton West has contributed to Steve Jackson Games' Pyramid e-zine, and is the author of the upcoming GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live.

Nicholas Caldwell is, among other things, the author of GURPS Age of Napoleon, but these days, he's most notably one of the founders of Guild Companion Publications Ltd, which is now the licensor of most of the classic Iron Crown Enterprises product lines, and working to get those games back into print.

David Chart is the line editor of Atlas Games' Ars Magica RPG, taking responsibility for the game over its last two editions, so he will doubtless be spending a lot of time in the Grand Tribunal stream at Consternation II. However, he's also contributed or about to contribute to many other games, including d20/D&D, Warhammer, Vampire: the Requiem, and Transhuman Space. See the list of books on his Web site.

Chris Jensen-Romer has contributed to several Ars Magica books (Lords of Men, The Church, Rival Magic...), and also wrote Parapsychologist's Handbook for Call of Cthulhu.

Mark Lawford has also worked on a number of Ars Magica books, including Lords of Men, Realms of Power: The Divine, Tales of Mythic Europe, Magi of Hermes, and Legends of Hermes.

Phil Masters has been involved in the UK RPG world since the early days of White Dwarf (yes, it used to be about roleplaying games!), contributed to various magazines (including Dragon, Shadis, and Arcane), and has written for Hero Games and other companies and game lines from Ars Magica and Mage: The Sorcerers' Crusade to Eclipse Phase. He's ended up doing a lot of writing and editing work for Steve Jackson Games, involving various GURPS books including the Hellboy and Discworld roleplaying games. He is line editor for the company's Transhuman Space setting. He keeps a list on his Web site.

Marcus Rowland is another one who's been around since the White Dwarf days, and has contributed to numerous game lines, from Golden Heroes to Call of Cthulhu and Space: 1889. In recent years, he has most notably created Forgotten Futures, a game line dedicated to historic works of SF and fantasy, and also the unique Diana: Warrior Princess RPG. His Web page has more information on all of this.

Neil Taylor is someone else who's worked on Ars Magica books, including in his case The Mysteries: Revised Edition, Covenants, and most recently, Legends of Hermes (a signed copy of which will be in the auction or a raffle).

Sheila Thomas has also contributed to various Ars Magica projects, including City and Guild, The Lion and the Lily, and most recently The Church.

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